Ozan FijiPOS

All Physical and Virtual POS operations are in a single panel. POS management is easy with us!

What is Ozan FijiPOS?

Ozan FijiPOS solution by Ozan enables the management of Physical and Virtual POS operations together and through a single panel. All reconciliations, collections, and reporting activities are managed from a single center.

The unique Ozan FijiPOS solution eliminates the need to manage the POS of different banks from different panels, providing a simpler and more integrated workflow.

Virtual & Physical POS

Use all your POS types together, whether physical or virtual.

Single Panel, All in One

Stop getting lost in different dashboards; manage easily from a single center.

All POS Operations

Maintain reconciliation, collection, reporting, and all your POS operations.

Ozan Virtual POS & Ozan Physical POS In One Solution

Ozan Virtual POS

Ozan Virtual POS is a service allowing businesses of all sizes, freelancers, or people interested in moving their business online to receive fast, secure, and 24/7 payments from anywhere in the world.

  • Provides management from a single center with payment gateway and API integration.
  • Minimizes chargebacks thanks to its AI-supported fraud prevention system.
  • Provides faster shopping with PCI-DSS Level 1 standardized card storage feature.
  • Enables collection in TRY equivalent at many exchange rates with foreign currency collection.

Ozan Physical POS

Ozan Physical POS enables fast, easy, and reliable payments with credit cards – still the most preferred payment method today.

  • Allows shopping in installments.
  • Allows all of your transactions to be automatically accounted for with easy integration.
  • Compatible with Global Payment and Card Networks.
  • Depending on the agreement, you can benefit from exclusive commission rates for single and installment payments.

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