Payment Gateway

Ozan allows you to integrate all virtual POS, provide high security in your collections with PCI-DSS Level 1 certification, and offer your customers the best experience via Smart POS Routing.

Ozan Payment Gateway

Payment Gateway is a system providing a high-security connection between the customer and the business in transactions made with credit and debit cards.

With the Ozan Payment Gateway solution, you can integrate all your virtual POS (from banks and other financial institutions) with APIs and receive your collections reliably and fast. In addition, our PCI-DSS Level 1 certification ensures high security in your collections and Smart POS Routing offers the best experience to your customers.

How Does Payment Gateway Work?

  1. The customer adds a product or service to their cart on the e-commerce platform.
  2. The customer enters their information to pay by credit card.
  3. An encrypted secure connection is created and the customer’s information is protected.
  4. The customer’s information is securely redirected to the payment processing network.
  5. The authorization request is processed.
  6. The bank accepts or rejects the payment. If accepted, the payment is authorized.
  7. The purchase is processed and the information is sent back to the website.

Who Can Use the Payment Gateway Service?

All businesses with an online store and e-commerce can use Ozan Payment Gateway to offer their customers a secure and fast payment experience.

To receive payments with encrypted connections in high-security measures and offer the best experience to your customers, apply for the Ozan Payment Gateway service for free!

Essentials of a Payment Gateway Service

Certain features in the payment gateway are crucial to provide the best experience for buyers. Here are the features that a payment gateway should have:



The first feature of a payment gateway is speed. The fact that payment transactions made through virtual POS are processed within a few seconds positively affects the customers' purchasing experience.



Service must be obtained from CBRT-approved providers so that both buyers and customers feel safe throughout the payment process. In addition, the payment gateway website must have an SSL certificate. Ozan PCI-DSS Level 1 certification, Backup System, Renewal System, Connection Infrastructure, and 3D Secure allow you to receive all your payments safely.


Infrastructure Efficiency

The infrastructure of e-commerce sites where payment gateways will be installed is as important as speed and security. Websites must be adequately developed in terms of both security and accessibility to use the payment gateway.

Payment Gateway

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Advantages of Ozan Payment Gateway

Ozan Payment Gateway offers different advantages to both your business and your customers.

No Platform and Programming Language Restrictions

With Ozan Payment Gateway, you can quickly integrate your virtual POS into your business with APIs without platform and programming language restrictions.

Exchange with Different Currencies

You can perform your foreign card transactions in different currencies such as USD, EUR, and GBP for your business’ international sales.

Manage Commissions and Campaigns

With the Ozan Payment Gateway solution, you can manage the commission rates and campaigns related to your workplace’s bank agreements as you wish.

Easy Reporting

Ozan’s user-friendly interface provides easy reporting.

Mobile Application for Partnered Businesses Members

The mobile application for partnered business members enables all member businesses to report quickly and easily through the application.

Installment and Bin Inquiry

Bin inquiry is used for identifying which bank the card is registered with and which type of card the transaction is made with during online payment.

Installment inquiry provides information on how many installments can be made for the total amount and how much the commission rates of the installments are if the card used for the transaction is a credit card.

Ozan Payment Gateway performs all installment and Bin inquiries during card payment transactions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, the Ozan Payment Gateway has a secure card storage feature.

Yes, you can track and monitor the status of all transactions 24/7.

You can get 24/7 fast support from the Ozan team for all your emergencies and problems.

Yes, you can manage and track inventory with Ozan Payment Gateway.

The Payment Gateway allows you to use all virtual POS with a single integration and offer your customers fast and secure payment solutions thanks to secure card storage and fraud control.

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