ERP and accounting programs, banks, e-commerce infrastructures, marketplaces… Efficient working through integration is easy with us!

Ozan Integration

ERP Integration

Ozan provides integrated operation with Logo, Mikro, SAP, Netsis, and Dynamics ERP systems. Incoming transactions are automatically matched with the current account on the ERP, reducing operational workload. Manage your current transactions from a single panel directly integrated with Accounting/ERP systems.

Accounting Integration

All your transactions are automatically displayed on current accounts with the accounting integration of Ozan. This allows you to quickly track incoming and outgoing money without wasting time monitoring individual payments.

Integration with Banks

With Ozan, all transactions (refund/partial refund/cancellation) of different bank POS terminals can be managed from a single panel without logging into different banks’ panels. Bank-based or transaction-based reports can be displayed on the screen with a single click thanks to your bank account transactions and can be exported in the desired format.

Ready-made E-commerce Integration

Ozan Virtual POS has a ready-made integration solution with e-commerce platform providers such as WooCommerce (WordPress), Magento, Opencart, PrestaShop, Shopify, Akinon, Ideasoft, and Ticimax. If your e-commerce site has one of these infrastructures, you can complete the integration in a short time with minimal effort.

Marketplace Integration

Thanks to Ozan collection solutions, the payment received from the customer is transferred separately to the account of the seller and the marketplace.

API Integration

Ready-made integration solutions can be customized with API. If developing other platforms and custom software, you can integrate Ozan Virtual POS into your systems by taking advantage of our Ozan Virtual POS API integration guidance.

Exclusive Projects

Ozan can be your solution partner in projects where custom collection methods are needed. We have our own development team and use our owned, customizable software platform. We offer API integration, whitelabel solutions, and we have e-money licenses to enable us to provide solutions internationally.

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