Marketplace Solutions

Ozan’ flexible and integrated infrastructure enables you to complete the payments integration of your e-commerce site or marketplace quickly and easily.

Ozan Marketplace Solutions

Ozan Marketplace Solutions help you create secure payment environments for your partnered business members and their customers, work with your vendors at the specified commission rates and send progress payments to sub-business members. Marketplace Solutions offers a fast, easy, and seamless payment infrastructure for all payment processes for sellers and customers.

Thanks to Ozan’ flexible infrastructure integrated with all platforms, you can quickly and easily complete the integration phase of your e-commerce site, regardless of whether it is a custom or ready-made infrastructure.

How Do Marketplace Solutions Work?

  1. The buyer pays by card through the payment page on the marketplace.
  2. Payment security is confirmed by PCI-DSS Level 1 Certificate.
  3. Payment is transferred to the Ozan protection account.
  4. Ozan transfers the product or service fee to the seller account and the commission fee to the marketplace account.
  5. The payment process is completed without any problems.

Who Can Use the Marketplace Solutions?

Ozan Marketplace Solutions is suitable for all B2B and B2C companies with platform-based e-commerce sites or marketplaces.

Apply to Ozan Marketplace Solutions for free to benefit from the fast, easy, and reliable payment processes of Ozan Marketplace Solutions and grow your business!

Marketplace Solutions

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Advantages of Ozan Marketplace Solutions

Ozan Marketplace solutions help you manage all payment processes with partnered business partners and their customers securely and practically.

Exchange with any Seller at any Commission Fee

The flexible structure of Ozan Marketplace Solutions allows you to exchange with your sellers at commission rates you set yourself.

Receiving Payments from Multiple Marketplaces

Thanks to the feature of receiving payments from multiple marketplaces, the payments, and maturity of your customers’ purchases from multiple sub-business members at the same time are automatically calculated and transferred to the seller’s account.

Send Money to Partnered Sub-Business Members

You can send the rights of the sub-member workplaces to their accounts in a safely and practically through Ozan.

24/7 EFT Structure Integrated into Your System

With the EFT infrastructure integrated into your system, you can receive your collections securely with EFT 24/7.

Receive Installment Payments from All Credit Cards with Single Integration

Ozan Virtual POS integration allows you to receive installment payments from Bonus, World, Advantage, Axess, Maximum, Sağlam Kart Cardfinans, Paraf, and Bankkart credit cards.

Sell with Favorable Exchange Rates

Ozan Marketplace Solutions allow you to receive foreign currency payments from your customers using foreign cards and prevent losses due to exchange rate fluctuations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Marketplace integration is the connection of sub-sellers with applications used for product or service sales through a system.

A marketplace payment solution is a payment infrastructure offering different solutions such as receiving payments for product/service sales from e-commerce sites and marketplaces, sending progress payments to sub-sellers, and setting different commission rates.

No, the co-sellers do not need to be business owners to use Marketplace.

The Marketplace Payment Solution supports receiving payments in US Dollars, Euros, and GBP.

No, the commission fee is not deducted.

No, the co-sellers do not need to be business owners to use Marketplace.

With Ozan Business's reporting APIs, you can easily access all your sales reports.

Payment terms are set according to the agreement between the marketplace and Ozan. The payments are distributed within the set time.

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