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Easily set up & manage Ozan Virtual POS, receive payments anytime, anywhere. Let our built-in integrations, high-level fraud prevention, and competitive commission rates work for you!

Payment collection with virtual POS is easy with us!

What is Ozan Virtual POS?

Ozan Virtual POS is designed for anyone taking their business to the internet, selling products or services online and need to receive payments. Just like the physical POS is used for in-store payments, Virtual POS is how businesses get paid over the internet.

Put your mind at ease – Ozan Virtual POS is great to receive payments quickly, easily, and reliably. With Ozan Virtual POS, you can process payments 24/7 on your e-commerce website, on your social media, or through payment links and QR.

Virtual POS for Enterprises, SMEs, and Freelancers

Ozan Virtual POS is a payment collection service for businesses of all sizes, freelancers, or people interested in selling their products or services online. With Ozan Virtual POS, businesses can receive payments fast, secure, and 24/7 from anywhere in the world.

Receive Payments with Ozan Virtual POS

Based on out domestic and international experience in payments, we have developed Ozan Virtual POS with key features for any person or business interested in receiving payments over the internet.

Take the first step to discover easy payments with Ozan Virtual POS by applying online.

Ozan Virtual POS



Payment Gateway

Integrate all Virtual POS from banks or other financial institutions through APIs and manage them from a single center with our Smart POS Routing.


Thanks to our advanced reporting technology, even large reports are built only in seconds. Intuitive bank or transaction-based reports can be built and exported in the desired format with a single click.

Fraud Prevention

Our AI-powered fraud prevention system protects workplaces against suspicious transactions and minimizes potential chargebacks.


Card Storage

We can store customers' card information in the highest PCI-DSS (Level 1) standard, enabling faster shopping and processing of recurring payments.

Collection in Foreign Currencies

With Ozan Virtual POS, you can collect payments and get paid in foreign currencies, avoiding incurred losses due to fluctuations in exchange rates.

Auto-Redirect Payments

In case of service breakdown at other banks' VPOS services, the payment request is automatically redirected to Ozan Virtual POS seamlessly.

Ozan Virtual POS

For More Information and Application

How to Get Ozan Virtual POS

It’s quick and easy to start using Ozan Virtual POS. Submit your application online. After uploading the requested documents to our system, our compliance teams will examine them in detail. Once your documents are complete and accurate, your request will be approved quickly and Ozan Virtual POS will be available immediately for your use.

Ozan Virtual POS is the secure, fast, and easy way to receive payments.

1) Application

Our team will respond to your online application in 1 business day.

2) Documents

You can easily upload the requested documents to our online system.

3) Approval and Contract

If your documents are complete and correct, your request is quickly approved and your contract is delivered for signature.

4) Installation

You can install and start using Ozan Virtual POS immediately.

Advantages of Ozan Virtual POS

Receiving your payments quickly and easily 24/7 is one of the ultimate advantage of using Ozan Virtual POS. Collaborating with best-in-class vendors, Ozan Virtual POS ensures that your payment transactions are carried out reliably and smoothly. Save precious time throught effortless setup, problem-less processing, built-in integrations and fast, intuitive reporting.

Next Day Payment

Using Ozan Virtual POS, you can master your cash flow by setting your payment term, including the “next day payment” option. If you choose so, payments you collect via Ozan Virtual POS will be credited to your account on the next day.

Easy Virtual POS Integration

Integration of Ozan Virtual POS covers the following features:

Quick Installation of Virtual POS

Using Virtual POS to receive your payments quickly and reliably is one of the most effective solutions. You can start integration quickly by applying to Ozan Virtual POS.

Virtual POS Compatible with All Credit Cards

Ozan Virtual POS is compatible with all credit cards. Therefore, you do not need to enter into separate contracts with financial services. You can easily receive payments from Visa, Mastercard, Troy, UnionPay, and more.

Virtual POS Integration in 24 Hours

You can integrate Ozan Virtual POS into your system very quickly and start receiving payments. Ozan Virtual POS has a ready-made integration solution with e-commerce platform providers such as WooCommerce (WordPress), Magento, Opencart, PrestaShop, Shopify, Akinon, Ideasoft, and Ticimax. If your e-commerce site uses one of these infrastructures, the integration can be completed within hours. In addition, other platforms and custom software developers can integrate Ozan Virtual POS into their systems using our Ozan Virtual POS API integration documentation.

Virtual POS Payment and Installment with a Single Integration

Having integrated Ozan Virtual POS into your site, you can receive payments from all cards without any additional processing and sell in instalments to our contracted Axess, Bonus, World, Maximum, Paraf, Sağlam Kart, Bankkart, Cardfinans cardholders. You can collect your funds at any payment value, including the next-day payment.

Secure Joint Payment with Virtual POS

The Ozan Secure Joint Payment page enables businesses to securely collect online if they do not have a payment page or payment form on their site. The secure Joint Payment page allows you to start receiving payments immediately without incurring SSL certificate and infrastructure costs, setup process, and service costs.

Secure Joint Payment allows you to receive payments from all cards and allow your customers to benefit from the instalment opportunities of all card loyalty systems that Ozan Virtual POS is integrated with. Ozan has PCC DSS Level 1 Certification infrastructure used on the secure partner payment page, indicating the highest level of security.

Secure Online Payment Solutions

Ozan Virtual POS offers fast and easy transaction advantages as well as various solutions for secure online payments. These online payment solutions can be described as follows:

Secure Card Storage

Ozan Virtual POS has a secure payment infrastructure. The card information needed is stored in this infrastructure, enabling faster and more reliable shopping.

3D Secure

The 3D Secure method is very effective in terms of the security of financial transactions in the virtual environment. Ozan Virtual POS allows the people you want to receive payments from to make their transactions securely with the 3D Secure method.

Refund Procedures

Payment refunds may be required after a purchase or a service subsctiption. You can manage your refund transactions for Ozan Virtual POS easily by following a few simple steps.

Fraud Protection

Credit cards can sometimes be used in fraudulent transactions. Through our AI-driven fraud detection systems, such transactions are recognized and prevented by Ozan Virtual POS system.

Payment Options for Virtual POS

Offering different payment options for the Virtual POS you use is very important for the growth of your business and increasing sales potential. By integrating Ozan Virtual POS, you can receive payments made with a financial card or credit card in the form of one-shot or instalment payments.

Receiving Payments in Different Currencies

Especially for businesses selling abroad, the need to receive payments in different currencies is a requirement for many merchants. With Ozan Virtual POS, payments from cards issued abroad can be collected in US Dollars, Euros, and GBP Furthermore, you can receive payments in said currencies without any losses incurred through exchange rates.

Payment in Foreign Currency

Paying in foreign currency allows businesses to receive payments from their customers without being affected by exchange rate fluctuations. Businesses receiving payments in foreign currencies often prefer to work with operators such as Ozan, which offers payment in foreign currency in its physical and virtual POS solutions. With Ozan Virtual POS, you can collect your foreign card transactions in Dollars, Euros, and GBP.

Foreign Currency Virtual POS & Foreign Card Transactions

With Ozan’s Foreign Currency Virtual POS, payments can be made directly from foreign cards in different currencies. Why is Foreign Currency Virtual POS important? When businesses selling in foreign currencies do not use foreign currency virtual POS, transactions are converted into TL. Due to exchange rate fluctuations and buying and selling values, these transactions cause costs and dissatisfaction on both the business and the customer side. The fact that payment from cards originating from abroad without any problem also allows the business to increase its sales. With Ozan Virtual POS, you can collect your payments in Dollars, Euros, and GBP.

Receiving Installment Payments

One of the features that people visiting your e-commerce platform will pay the most attention to is the possibility of a payment in installments. With Ozan Virtual POS, you can add an installment payment feature to your business and easily manage commission rates.

Receiving Recurring Payments

If you run an insurance company or an educational institution, make sure to get paid routinely monthly and easily keep track of it. Ozan Virtual POS’s secure storage feature allows you to collect your payments regularly at the frequency you specify. You can also check all approved or unapproved payment transactions in a report.

Easy Virtual POS Management Panel

The Virtual POS management panel is used to control the received payments and all other transactions related to payments. You can track many features such as payment approvals, and commission rates, and intervene on time through the Ozan Virtual POS easy management panel.

Ozan Virtual POS Fees and Commission Rates

Fees and commissions for Physical and Virtual POS are different. In this respect, a Virtual POS with low fees is more advantageous. Ozan Virtual POS offers very low fees and commissions.

Monthly Fixed Free Virtual POS

Ozan Virtual POS integration does not require you to pay any fixed monthly fee. This feature, which is very important for the growth of your business, saves you from paying large sums of money.

No Initial Fee and Hidden Charges

You can easily integrate with Ozan Virtual POS in a few minutes. However, when buying a starter package, you pay nothing. Especially when working as a freelancer, you will thus get rid of the high costs in the first place.

All transactions made at Ozan Virtual POS are not only secure but also transparent. No unspecified fees are charged for the duration of your use.

How to Apply Ozan Virtual POS?

You can apply for a Virtual POS directly by filling out the form at the bottom of this page.

How to Integrate Ozan Virtual POS

Simply upload the documents required for Virtual POS integration to the system. If your documents are complete and accurate, your application will be approved quickly and the Virtual POS integration process will begin. You can access our documentation page here.

Integrated Platforms and Solution Partners

Click here to see the documentation for developers.

Virtual POS Integration and Solution Partners & Ready-Made Infrastructure

Private and Open-Source Software

Companies providing virtual POS services and their systems are very important to be reliable. You can integrate Ozan Virtual POS into custom and open-source software with API / developer documents. You can access our documentation page here.

Ozan Virtual POS API and Developer Documents

The powerful infrastructure of Ozan Virtual POS allows you to customize your needs and obtain many more solutions such as joint payments. You can create a strong collection infrastructure with Virtual POS API. You can access our documentation page here.

Ready-Made Software


Weeyn Virtual POS

Weeyn is one of the leading infrastructure provider in the e-commerce sector. It offers the capability to manage businesses of all sizes, from small to large, through a single dashboard, handling web, mobile, marketplace, and social media stores. Integration with Weeyn e-commerce systems is easily achievable through Ozan Virtual POS.


IdeaSoft Virtual POS

IdeaSoft produces smart e-commerce software helping you turn your physical store into an online store. Ozan Virtual POS can easily be integrated into IdeaSoft smart e-commerce systems.


Ticimax Virtual POS

Ticimax is one of the leading e-commerce infrastructure companies in the sector with 24/7 support. Cloud software and functional solutions for your small, mid-sized, and large businesses. Ozan Virtual POS can easily be integrated into Ticimax e-commerce systems.


Shopify Virtual POS

Having served many big businesses so far, Shopify e-commerce solutions can be integrated with Ozan Virtual POS.

Open-Source Software


WooCommerce Virtual POS

WooCommerce is an open-source e-commerce plugin designed for WordPress. Ozan Virtual POS WordPress plugin allows you to easily integrate Virtual POS with the WooCommerce plugin.


OpenCart Virtual POS

OpenCart is an open-source e-commerce software enabling you to integrate many payment tools into your site and receive payments easily. The Ozan Virtual POS OpenCart module allows you to integrate with OpenCart e-commerce systems.

Other open-source software:

  • PrestaShop Virtual POS
  • Magento Virtual POS
  • Odoo Virtual POS

Card Loyalty Programs Integrated with Ozan Virtual POS

Ozan Virtual POS operates integrated with Axess, Bonus, World, Maximum, Paraf, Sağlam Kart, Bankkart, and Cardfinans card loyalty programs. Using Ozan Virtual POS, you can provide installments to customers who have these cards.

Frequently Asked Questions

Virtual POS is a system integrating the payment instruments used for shopping purposes into the internet environment. POS, Point of Sale, stands for point of payment. Virtual POS enables transactions made with physical POS to be used in the digital environment. Virtual POS also acts as an intermediary between the accounts of buyers and sellers.

You can apply to Ozan Virtual POS to receive Virtual POS. For this, you only need to fill out the relevant form completely and accurately. After the relevant controls, your Virtual POS integration process will be realized in a short time.

Getting Virtual POS for e-commerce is the same as getting Virtual POS for other businesses. You only need to submit the official documents related to your e-commerce site in the Virtual POS application.

You can quickly apply for Virtual POS with the Ozan Virtual POS Application Form.

Criteria such as fraud and compliance are taken into account when applying for a virtual card. The documents will be carefully examined to ensure that the provided information is accurate.

Virtual POS fees and commission rates generally vary between 3 to 11 percent on average.

After providing the documents related to your company, you can apply to Ozan Virtual POS, fill out the form presented to you, and quickly perform your Virtual POS integration.

Virtual POS can be used to grow your business and move it online. Thanks to the easy management panel, you can easily track the received payments, and define commissions, and fees.

Join Ozan to receive your payments securely and on time. Get one step ahead of your competitors by using Ozan Virtual POS.

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