Online Payment Collection Solutions

Ozan’ new-generation online payment collection solutions reduce your collection risk by receiving payments via secure methods such as QR, SMS, link, or virtual POS.

Online Payment Collection Methods

Online payment collection and e-collection systems allow you to receive secure payments from your customers and dealers with a variety of methods, without the need to carry a physical POS. This makes it possible for your business to facilitate convenient payment methods to your customers and reduce your collection risks.

Ozan’ online payment collection methods are as follows:

Payment Collection with Text Messages and E-Mail

Among the e-collection systems, text message (SMS) and e-mail methods enables you to make online payment collections via by sharing the personalized payment links created for your customers. You can also set a validity period for the generated payment links and check the status of payments via the link.

Payment Collection with Link

Payment by link allows you to receive payments at any time of the day through links sent to your customers. By clicking on the link in the link collection system, your customer can easily make payments from all smart devices by entering their card information. Paying by link is convenient for your customers and has the advantage to make payment collections anytime and anywhere for your business.

Payment Collection with Virtual POS

With Ozan Virtual POS, which you can use in all of your online sales, you can receive fast, easy, and reliable payments from your customers with the link, QR code, or mobile payment options. Payment collections via Virtual POS allows you to secure both your business and your customers through a PCI-DSS certification.

Payment Collection with Credit Card

You can make credit card collections from your customers 24/7 through Ozan Virtual POS or Physical POS. Payment collection by credit card is compatible with KVKK (Personal Data Protection Authority) and BRSA standards and allows you to receive secure payments with 3D Secure.

Collection with QR Code

Thanks to QR code collection included among the new generation online collection systems, you can receive fast, reliable, and contactless payments with QR codes specially defined for your customers and dealers.

Advantages of Online Payment Collections

Online payment collection, also known as an e-collection, allows you to receive payments from your customers and dealers online with the link, QR, credit card, SMS, e-mail, or virtual POS.

The advantages of online payment collection solutions are as follows:

Online Payment Collection Solutions

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Uses of Online Payment Collection

Online payment collection systems can be used to receive fast, reliable, and 24/7 payments from parent companies, dealers and sub-dealers, freelancers, apartment, and housing estate managers.

For Merchants / Businesses

Online payment collection systems allow you to receive your customers’ payments online at any time of the day with QR, SMS, or e-mail. In this way, you can collect your receivables on time and prevent the loss of labor and time spent on collection.

For Businesses with Dealers and Sub-Dealers

Ozan e-collection solutions allow you to easily receive payments from your dealers and sub-dealers whenever and wherever you are with the payment links you have created specifically for your business.

For Freelancers

Online payment collection methods are the best solution for freelancers working 24/7 online to get paid. You can avoid problems such as missed or delayed payments with the e-collection system and regularly monitor your collections.

For Apartment Building / Housing Estate Managers and Administrators

Online payment collection system allows you to receive apartment or housing estate dues conveniently by creating a collective or individual e-mail or SMS payment link, and you can ensure that the people you will receive payments from can access the payment screen quickly and securely from their smart devices.

Frequently Asked Questions

Online payment collection enables businesses to receive payments from their customers, dealers, and sub-dealers quickly and easily via SMS, link, QR code, or e-mail.

With the Ozan Business online collection method, you have different options for receiving payments: the next day, 7 days, 14 days, or 21 days. You can receive your payments at your preferred term, according to the needs of your business.

Virtual POS is a tool enabling anyone who does their business online to receive payments as with a physical POS. With Virtual POS, you can make all your collections quickly and securely from anywhere, 24/7.

Yes, online payment collection is secure. Web pagesor apps where payments are made online are protected by an SSL certificate.

All you need to do to make online payment collections is to apply to Ozan. With the e-collection system installed on your company's domain name, you can start making online collection instantly.

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