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What is “Pay by Link”?

Pay by Link is a practical payment solution to collect credit/debit card payments directly online, without a website or VPOS integration. Using Pay by Link, the merchant creates a payment link unique to each transaction, sends the link to the customer via any channel, such as a text message, e-mail, or a DM over Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, etc.

Clicking on the payment link, the customer can securely complete the payment by entering the card information. In Pay by Link, all credit cards and debit cards can be used for payment. The collected payment is automatically transferred to the account specified by the seller in the preferred currency.

3 Steps to Receive Payments by Link

Pay by Link solution allows you to receive payments in seconds without complicated procedures.


Create a Payment Link

Create a secure payment link by entering the product/service details and the payment amount.


Share Link

Send the payment link to your customer via any channel such as e-mail, SMS, WhatsApp, etc.


Receive Payment

Once your customer completes the transaction, the payment is processed and a receipt is sent to you and your customer.

Advantages of Pay by Link

No Website or VPOS Integration Required

You do not need a website or a VPOS integration to receive payments by link!

You can create a secure payment link for your products and services instantly, share it with your customer, and receive payments within seconds.

Receive Payments from All Channels

You can send the payment link to your customers via Whatsapp, Instagram, e-mail, SMS, etc.

Enjoy flexible usage without any need for a website, store, or POS device.

Instant Onboarding

You can apply for Pay by Link online (check out the form on this page) and start using it instantly after fast approval.

Your application is reviewed by Ozan in no time and the service is made available for your use.

Low Commission Rates

Compared to many others, the commission rates of Ozan’ Pay by Link service are more advantageous.

Working with us, you can lower your operating cost and use the savings to offer campaigns for your customers and grow your business.

Ozan Pay by Link

Features of Pay by Link


Secure Shopping

SSL-protected secure links, 3D Secure payments protect both sellers and buyers.

Collect Payments 24/7

Collect payments for your customers 24/7!

Multilingual Interface & FX Collections

Set up payment interfaces in multiple languages, receive payments globally in all supported currencies.

Easy & Fast Collection

Create and send payment links in seconds and get paid instantly.



Set up and offer installment options to your customers.

Shopping with All Debit and Credit Cards

Receive payments from any debit or credit card.

User-Friendly Interface

Manage your collections easily with the user-friendly dashboard.

Accounting Software Integration

Integrates smoothly with your accounting software.

Ozan Pay by Link

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Who can offer Pay by Link Services?

Businesses can benefit from Pay by Link solutions in many sectors – such as retail, food & beverage, travel, healthcare and service industries in general.

Medium and Large Enterprises

Expanding payment channels is very important for medium and large-sized companies. Pay by Link service fulfills this need in the most qualified way.

Especially in sectors such as health, education, travel, and institutions with call centers, Pay by Link is used frequently and offers great benefits to businesses

Small Enterprises and Freelancers

Pay by Link can be a lifeline for small businesses and freelancers selling on social media, on-premise, or over the phone.

Freelancers, online entrepreneurs, and small business owners can easily receive payments from all digital channels, especially WhatsApp and Instagram, by simply sending a link.

Receive Payments by Link from Abroad

You can use Pay by Link to receive payments from your customers abroad. Medical travel businesses, hotels, travel agencies, online sellers who ship abroad, and freelancers with international clients can use Pay by Link to great effect.

Receive Payment via Link in Foreign Currencies

You can use Pay by Link to collect payments from your domestic or international customers in different currencies. This is especially valuable for travel agencies, hotels, and all kinds of businesses in touristic regions.

Use Pay by Link Solution with Other Ozan Products

Working with Ozan, you can facilitate multiple Ozan products such as a physical POS, VPOS, marketplace solution alongside your Pay by Link service. Enjoy the comfort of managing all your collections from one place in an easy, fast, and reliable way – and the competitive rates we offer for your extended business.

Virtual POS

Easily set up Ozan Virtual POS, manage it, and receive payments without limits. Work effectively with ready-made integrations, high-level fraud prevention, and favorable commission rates.

With its comprehensive API documentation, quick and easy installation, and favorable commission rates, Ozan Virtual POS is the ideal option for both administrators and IT teams.


Physical POS

Get rid of old, slow, and limiting POS devices. Make room for the new generation, stylishly designed, compact Ozan Physical POS device.

Stop paying monthly or extra fees for inefficiency, maintenance, etc. Access past transactions and print copies whenever you need directly on your POS device.

Dealer Collection

Manage your dealer collection processes from a single panel with minimum operational burden, full integration, and payment method diversity.

Pay by Link can be used with the dealer collection system to receive payments from dealers and sub-dealers through the created links without the need for a POS device. You can track all your collections with accounting integration.

Frequently Asked Questions about Pay by Link

You can create a unique link for your product or service and send it to your customer. Your customer pays with a credit or debit card on the linked web page easily and securely.

Yes, you can offer an installment option while creating a payment link to provide special advantages for your customers.

Yes, you can apply different prices for installed payments for your products and services.

You can create links for all of your product and service sales with Pay by Link.

No, each link is uniquely created for each transaction and is valid for only 1 day. The link expires after 1 day, and cannot be used.

No, Pay by Link does not require your customers to download an app. Payments can be completed on all commonly available browsers such as Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox, etc. with no need to sign in.

Payments received by the link can be refunded for the products meeting the return conditions.

Mail order is one of the digital transactions made with an information form in the absence of a physical POS and requires registration. However, Pay by Link allows payment to be made instantly without registration, through the payment link.

If the virtual POS used in the e-commerce site or the bank providing the integration has a Pay by Link infrastructure, payment can be made by link. However, if there is no suitable infrastructure on the site, a link can be sent using special software.

The accounting integration feature of the Pay by Link service allows you to instantly prepare invoices for the received payments through the link.

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