On-site Collections with Ozan

With Ozan On-site Collection Solutions, your on-site team can receive payments from your customers and dealers with physical POS, virtual POS, SMS, e-mail, link, or QR code from anywhere 24/7, which enables you to regularly monitor your collections and offer payment facilities to your dealers and customers.

Who Should Use On-site Collection Systems?

Ozan on-site collection solutions can be used by any business that needs to collect payments away from their premises. Typical cases include collecting payments from markets, stores, etc. upon delivery of goods; collecting payments at outdoor events, etc. On-site payment collection can be made using GPS-ready POS devices, or via QR, payment links, or virtual POS.

On-site Collection System for Small, Mid-sized and Large Enterprises

The on-site collection system enables on-site delivery or merch teams to receive payments. On-site payment collection allows your teams to go to your customers and collect payments with a physical POS, or remotely with SMS, e-mail, or link. Thus, you can receive all of your payments reliably and on-time.

On-site Collection System for Retail and Corporate Customers

Ozan on-site collection solutions enable you to receive payments from your customers and corporate clients effortlessly and reliably. Wherever you are, you can make collections from your customers 24/7 with SMS, e-mail, link, or QR code.

On-site Collection Methods

On-site collection methods reduce the collection risks of your business and enable you to receive payments from your customers and dealers in a reliable and fast way are as follows:

Collection with Physical POS

With Ozan’ latest technology physical POS device, you can receive payments from all credit and debit cards with a PIN or QR verification.

Collection with Virtual POS (vPOS)

With Ozan Virtual POS, you can receive secure payments from your customers with the link, QR code, or mobile POS in all of your online sales, and at the same time, you can offer installment payment options to your customers.

Collection with Smartphones

Completely eliminating the need for a physical POS device, mobile collection lets you receive payments from your customers or dealers securely with 3D Secure via mobile payment pages accessed on a smartphone or tablet.

Collection with Shared POS Device

Shared POS collection, saving time and space, allows you to receive payments from different banks via a single POS device without the need for additional costs. Thus, you can collect from your customers and dealers cards from different banks and enable them to benefit from the installment options and campaigns offered by banks.

Collection with QR Code

QR code collection enables you to make fast, contactless, and reliable collections using QR codes specifically created for your customers.

Commission Rates for On-site Collections

You can use Ozan’ on-site collection system with competitive commission rates and enable your on-site teams to collect payments smoothly 24/7. To get more information on the on-site collection system and commission rates, fill out the form and get in touch!

Commission Rates and Installments for Companies

You can contact us for detailed information about the advantageous commission rates and instalment options offered by the Ozan on-site collection system for companies.

Commission Rates and Installments for Dealers and Sub-Dealers

You can contact us for detailed information about the advantageous commission rates and instalment options offered by Ozan collection solutions in the field for dealers and sub-dealers.

Advantages of the On-site Collection System

The most important benefits of an on-site collection system are:

On-site Collections

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Features On-site Collections with Ozan


Dealer and Sub-Dealer Grouping

Thanks to the dealer and sub-dealer grouping feature of the on-site collection system, you can set different commission rates and instalment options according to your dealers, as well as select the virtual POS where the payment is made.

Inventory Tracking Integration

The inventory tracking integration helps you determine your product stocks and easily track the product quantities in your warehouse.

ERP Integration

You can automatically account for your collections with ERP integration and enable your dealers and customers to view their current account balances. In this way, you can save time spent on accounting transactions and reduce your operational workload.


Receiving & Making Recurring Payments

The card storage service lets you safely store the payment information of your customers and dealers from whom you receive regular payments, providing convenience to both your business and your customers. In this way, your customers do not need to enter their card details each time to make a payment, and you can keep track of your recurring payments.

Periodic Collection Report

With Ozan collection solutions, you can view the collections of your customers, dealers, and sub-dealers, payments received on-site, or all payments made online by your customers from a single screen, and get detailed collection reports thanks to ERP integration.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, the biggest advantage of a on-site collection system is to eliminate the need for a physical POS device. Virtual POS integration enables your on-site teams to make their collections online.

Yes, you can automatically account for all collections made by your on-site teams with ERP integration.

Transactions made with TL credit cards in Turkey are charged in TL in accordance with the Law on the Protection of the Value of Turkish Currency. However, you can use foreign currency virtual POS to receive your collections in foreign currencies such as USD, Euro, or GBP from abroad.

Your collection transactions are not limited in number, but there is an amount limit for one-time collections.

Yes, all payment pages in the on-site collection system are protected by an SSL certificate and you can receive secure payments with 3D Secure.

Yes, you can see all bank transactions from a single screen and make detailed reporting.

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