Custom Solutions

Ozan offers custom products, solutions, and exclusive project development opportunities that you cannot find in most payment solution providers. Custom solutions are easy with us!

Ozan Exclusive Solutions

Marketplace Solution

Payments to the seller with the marketplace solution are governed by the rules and initiatives of the marketplace. Ozan’s flexible structure allows it to fully adapt to marketplace dynamics such as mixed baskets, partial returns, and different commission rates.

Business Prepaid (Special-Themed Card)

Designed and produced in accordance with the needs of the business and allocated according to the solution, the Ozan Prepaid card can be offered to your employees, members, or solution partners as a special payment method.

Accounts in Different Currencies

Payment requests can be sent to customers in foreign currencies, and the TL equivalent can be collected at a specified exchange rate. In addition, the compatibility of the card or POS also enables foreign currency collection.

Pay via Chat

Ozan offers the opportunity to receive payments via WhatsApp and various other messaging platforms, powered by artificial intelligence.

Pay by Link

Unlike the usual mail order method, secure payment can be received via Email/SMS link sent without requesting customers’ card details. If desired, payment requests can also be created as one-time or recurring payment instructions at set periods.

Electronic Wallet

Customers can make their payment transactions digitally thanks to the electronic wallet created with Ozan.

Exclusive Projects

Ozan can be your solution partner in projects where custom collection methods are needed. We have our own development team and use our owned, customizable software platform. We offer API integration, whitelabel solutions, and we have e-money licenses to enable us to provide solutions internationally.

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